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Jonathans Journey

I Will Conquer Food Week 11

Week 11 and Jonathan Prepares to Return To The Jeremy Kyle Show

Having made an incredible change in his lifestyle, fitness and image, Jonathan is ready to return to the JK show and show Jeremy the immense changes that he has made. He also picks out a number of other boot campers that have helped him along the way ...
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Week 5 – 3 Stone Down & Jonathans Whole Self Identity is Starting To Change

Jonathan is really starting to find his feet at camp now in both training and in his personality. Having scorched 3 stone already he is also starting to change the way he see's himself and his future. His beliefs are changing. Where they once screamed... 'you are worthless', 'will always ...
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Week 2

WEEK 2 AND 26 POUNDS LOST!!! After two weeks Jonathan Kingston from the Jeremy Kyle boot camp show is starting to settle in. He has shed more than two stone and is showing no signs of slowing up. Jonathan outlines his progress to date and what he expects to come ...
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Day 1:Week 1 – Jeremy Kyle V’s Jonathan Kingston

DAY 2 In this short video, Jonathan Kingston describes how he feels after the first day of training. You also get a unique insight into just how hard he is pushing himself to get the results he promised his mum and Jeremy Kyle. Jonathan started the training day with the ...
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Day 1 – Obese man begs Jeremy Kyle Show for help – The show recruits TEAM Bootcamp & the Conquer Food camp for answers!

DAY 1 – ARRIVAL – JONATHAN DESCRIBES HOW HE IS FEELING DAY 1 – JONATHAN DESCRIBES JUST HOW HE IS FEELING AFTER ARRIVING AT TEAM BOOTCAMP & FOLLOWING THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW Jonathan Kingston joined the Conquer Food programme after appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show. Jonathan's mum stressed that ...
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