002 – How To Lose 100 lbs in 12 Weeks With Conquer Food Graduate Priya

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Paula and Craig speak to Priya about her amazing weight loss and incredible life transformation.

The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

"...I was a shell... I was in a dark place... Low self-esteem. The 4 walls of my bedroom was my life. Something had to change" - Priya

Key Points include:

  • Life for Priya before camp including her fears
  • She describes her first impressions during arrival and outlines her hard first few weeks
  • Priya also shares how you can get the very best out of the CF Programme

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"Ultimately, we want everyone to be the best version of themselves, that they can be!" CraigConquer-food-open-day-banner