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010 - The 3 areas of YOU that need to change in order for your to beat overeating, eradicate obesity & finally break free of sugar addiction.

“Motivation gets us going. Determination keeps us going” – Craig

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Craig explains the 3 areas of your life that you need to change in order to:

  • Eradicate over eating
  • Break free from sugar and fast food addiction
  • Finally get the body image and happiness you deserve
  • Dramatically increase your self-esteem and enjoyment of life

3 main areas to work on to succeed

What is your relationship with food? – Set your mind first before starting this training

  • CHANGE YOUR BELIEF – Your belief about food, belief about yourself, about what kind of person you are, belief about your relationship with food, belief about how to lose weight.

Belief 1 – you are a constant failure. <- this is demotivating, and may keep us stuck in a rock. “I am big boned” “My whole family is big”. These can affect our potential in losing weight.

Belief 2 – Nothing works. <- there is no single best way in losing weight. Different diets do different things to different people. You are an individual, try different things that works for you.

Belief 3 – They will always be the same. <- The only thing constant in the universe is change. If we keep on thinking this way our subconscious will do that for us. “Our belief messes around with what we think”

How to change your belief

                                Awareness – start being aware of your beliefs, what you say to yourself.

                                Change your language – language is the software of your mind

                                Create a history of Success – conquerfoodis.com/binge-training-replay

                                Create a really exciting future- become that future.

  • CHANGE YOUR HABIT– Habits are the maker of what we are.

Habitual thoughts –Craig gave an example. A member posted on Instagram bout her food [bland colored food] and her dog’s food [bright colored food] with a caption “why am I eating this while my dog is eating this” <- this is because you don’t value yourself as much as you value your dog.

Habitual Emotions – we act on our emotions. Emotions inside us makes us do an action. We make stupid decisions because it is filled with emotions. The default setting for a lot of emotions is food. That is why we can really over eat.

Habitual Activity/Actions – Watching soap opera every evening but cant go to the gym for an hour. Bad actions create the results we have that we’re not happy with.

  • LIFE CHANGE – extreme weight loss = extreme change

Stress and Sleep deprivation – depletes our will power. Makes us feel bad.

Drained – Energy is not given or taken, it is released. If we feel drained, it affects our desire.

Guilt – Very destructive. Can knock us off our tracks.

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“You don’t come around the gym trying to be fit, act like you are fit and the results come to you” – Craig