009 – Interview With Long Term Conquer Food Clients James, Rob, Nives & Lara

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Paula and Craig provide insights on what to expect in TEAM Bootcamp specifically the Conquer Food Program.

PODCAST_ Interview With Longtermers Emma, Emma & Christine (1)The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

For me, I was really excited because I was ready for the change “- Lara

Key Points include:

  • What was your LIFE before you join the Conquer Food Program?

” I reached a decision to go in an operation known as a gastric band. Then I have realized that I was going to the knife just to modify my body to lose weight”- Lara

“I left my job to lose weight”- Rob

“My sister told me  that I have to do something about my weight because my sisters were strong s what they did was they called Bootcamp and booked a long term program for me”- James

” I said “NO” straight away to the idea of Bootcamp and I was an alcoholic since I was 20″- Nives

  • First IMPRESSION at Camp

“It was January 17 and as I entered I stepped back because I didn’t know what was going to happen. My first training day wasn’t a good start. It was scary.” – James

” I didn’t know what to think. When I went inside, everything was beautifully decorated. I thought I was in a wrong place. I wasn’t really scared but I was excited especially after meeting the people around”- Nives

” For me, I was very excited because I was ready for change”- Lara

” The first day I got to look at the place and chat with Craig and Paula. I saw people outside and thought that there’s no way I can do that . What am I going to do here?”- Rob

  • Paula: Describe their Journey

James- PURE INSPIRATION. He’s a complete opposite now of what he was before.

Nives- SILENTLY STRONG. She cracks on and she has an inner strength which is admirable.

Lara- SUCCESSFUL. She’s one person who is ready to change her life. Success is Lara’s word.

Rob- LOVABLE. He is like steady Eddie. He keeps doing it and helps everyone at camp.


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The Conquer food helps you push your fear and show you what you are capable of doing- Paula