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008 - Interview With Long Term Weight Loss & Fitness Clients Emma F, Emma S & Christine

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Paula and Craig will be introducing some sort of case studies, some tips and advice for some people who made incredible choices and changes. The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

PODCAST_ Interview With Longtermers Emma, Emma & Christine (2)The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

I was scared. I wanted to be fit and lose weight but I felt trapped. But, the minute I joined Conquer Food, I no longer feel trapped. I felt that I can continue my journey with confidence and freedom- Emma

Key Points include:

  • People’s Mindset

Looking at people’s mindset will help gain a healthy relationship with food.This is to have a healthy relationship with food and gain new habits.

This is also the way to know how you feel about yourself. It is like re-introducing yourself to yourself.

  • Bond within the Camp

Healing is not done individually but it is done within the people in the camp. Those bonds are important relationships because those are the ways campers keep in touch and embrace and one one another. And in the Bootcamp, the last thing the camper would ever feel is being judged and most of the times it doesn’t happen at all.

  • The MAGIC in the Camp

No one can help me?I’m back to square one..

These are the common concerns of people when they are in the camp. The camp is designed to remind them that everything they need to know is within them all along. It is not easy to put everything into practice. However, the thing that matters most is the readiness of the person and willingness to accept changes.

“Paula, what can you see every week in the camp?”

  • Growing people
  • Developing campers
  • Support Network from campers and other people within the camp

“How did you experienced the magic in the camp?”

– The camp shifted how I feel about myself and I am now happy about my body. The camp has changed my life.

– I realized a lot of thing and I have told myself that ” I love this person”, while I was looking to my reflection. This camp was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

-I was in a place surrounded by people who understood my food- related issues. In the camp, I can tell my deepest and darkest food-related issues without anyone to judge me. I can say what I want without the fear of being judged by other people instead the camp will support you all the way.

  • How do you know when you’re READY?

Before I started to change, I felt completely trapped and backed into a corner and you got nowhere to go. Be a FIGHTER, because you have no other choice. Like the old saying: ” Once you hit rock bottom, the only way is UP.”

There were different stories of struggles and difficulties, but we have to move forward and move on.

  • Downside in the Camp


I remember that I was shedding tears for the past three weeks in the camp and I was really trying my best not to be negative. BUT! It was the SUPPORT from the people around me in the camp which got me through. I thought I couldn’t go through the 12 weeks. It’s not for the faint hearted but this 12 week camp is for those people who really want to change.

“You have to have CHALLENGE to generate PRIDE”- Criag

Another tough downside is when you judge themselves against other people which is relative to your own ability. It’s tough for everybody! People put too much pressure to themselves because they feel they aren’t good enough.

“This is your journey and you need to be as good as your BEST!”- Paula

Another down moments would be we train very INTENSE and we haven’t miss any training and giving my 100%. I do find those moments when tiredness kicks in and I have nothing more to give because I am exhausted. But exercise is the best medicine.

“Mind over matter, Try to get through the day!”

I thought I’m gonna die, But after every training I felt good about myself because I have gone through all the sessions which I have pushed myself beyond my limits and I can’t see anything bad about it.

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You need to embrace wonderful new things because things will get better in time – Paula Williams