007 – Introducing the TEAM Bootcamp Roadshows & Conquer Food Seminars for 2018

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Paula and Craig will introduce the TEAM Bootcamp Road Show and Conquer Food Seminars for 2018!

The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long-term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.


Talk about what you can expect from Conquer Food like how you can get involve and get signed up or to get involved so that it will help you, as well as your family and friends, be involved and be part of something that is beneficial, highly effective and can change their lives.  – Craig Williams


Key Points include:

  • TEAM Bootcamp Training Weekends

         This is when people come to Team Boot camp and get involve in the fitness program and be surprised how far they can go and do and how much they can push themselves  with high quality trainers.

         Am I fit before I go to Bootcamp?

          You do not need to be fit before you enter Bootcamp, you just have to have the willingness to submit yourself in the process regardless of any injuries or disabilities because there are something for everybody.

         Team Boot Camp is exceptionally CHALLENGING!

          This is not meant to scare you but to motivate you to be proud of yourself and challenge yourself. Bootcamp will increase your level of understanding in fitness, theories, spice up your own training, tricks and techniques to get the best of yourself outdoors.

  • Exclusive and Intense Conquer Food Workshop/ Seminar

For people with binge eating disorder, overeating, do not have healthy relationship with food (eg. Sugar) this is the best program for them.

We will look on the things which makes you unhappy about yourself like lifestyle, significant events and work on those things to make you happy and help you understand happiness and all the ideas about it.

  • TEAM Bootcamp Roadshow

This will be different from what you expect. Paula will step out to speak and present to people, because of the high demand of the public, regarding creating good results to people, principles and changing their lifestyle.

This will be 5-6 hours of highly effective information all from the best. Back up sessions and other follow ups will be provided.


I am doing this because there are lot of people getting in touch with us regarding weight loss and food relationships. There are people our there full of despair, so this is my help for them.

Please share & review the Conquer Food Show so that others can benefit from the great lessons provided by Craig & Paula Williams.

When was the last time you felt proud of something that you din? or
When was the last time you challenge yourself? If you avoid challenge and make life comfortable, then that comfort brings mediocrity, not in your health, but on how you see life.  – Craig Williams

For more information visit : http://events.team-bootcamp.com