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006 - 11 Months To Save My Life. An Interview With Original Long Termer Adam Who Lost 96 Kilos

In this episode of the Conquer Food Podcast, Craig interviews original long termer Adam Greenburg who scorched more than 90 kilos on the Conquer Food programme and changed his life and happiness for good. The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long-term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

The CF programme is developing into the most effective rapid weight loss and food addiction programme in the world surpassing all other long-term fitness and fat loss camps considerably.

Key Points include:

  • Before Camp

The 4 D’s

Delay– They put things off. They want to change, but they’re trying to delay it.

Deny– Quite common to everyone, but we often ignore the tough things we desperately need to deal with.

Distraction– It is like procrastination in forms like video games and other extracurricular activities.

Doubt– Often we doubt if we can really change.

  • There is a cost for everything that we do. At the end, other people have been consuming excess things for a long time and there is a cost to that and you’ve got to live with it.The choices that we make each day has corresponding effects. These are the consequences which are needed to be dealt with on a daily basis and people have to live with it. However, this consequences may come in negative of positive results. Either way, it doesn’t mean that there is no room for change because there is always a chance to improve and make things right.
  • During Camp: Ups and Downs At Day 1, a person may not visualize life ahead of him or her. Goals are composed of little milestones along the way. As all the little milestones are gathered, GOAL is met.
    For 11 months, trainers were there throughout the journey. There are people, especially with different personalities, find it hard to get orders from other people but that must not stop them to move forward.Incredible transformations cannot be seen on day one, however, through hard work and dedication, it truly pays off after months in the camp. Minor steps are considered “big” to create a good foundation for the camp and aim improvements. Before performing bigger steps, people must start to learn small steps before they progress. Learn from mistakes: That will be a driving force to make a person better. Reflections are helpful in order to come up with a goal whether there are things that needed to be changed or is there something that needs improvement.
  • Resources The place which will mould you to become a better person will really help, but other people with an equal goal are also there to shape you into a person you want to become. Reading materials are important to create positive influence to maintain a motivational spirit.Focus on what is needed to be done and get rid of the things which don’t  need your attention.“Change is the only thing that remains constant.”Focus on what change you want to make. There are decisions which could lead or push you near your goal or away from it, so try to also pay attention to minor decisions because they play an important role in making your life better and productive.
  • Life After Camp After hard work, patience and dedication, life will most likely be normal but better. Happiness is not only built to the new chapter of a person’s life, but also for the love of oneself and the acceptance of what that person has become after boot camp. A person can appreciate life more after experiencing the extreme ends of not living normally apart from other people who are living life up to the fullest. However, people stack up more on the life-changing lessons and experiences that they have acquired which they can be proud of themselves because they have surpassed them and went beyond their limitations.

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You can’t let that (excess skin) stop you, you are moving now, you are changing, you cannot let that (excess skin) stop you.”- Craig


“Every imperfection of life makes it 10 times easier to handle if you you feel comfortable with your skin. I think, as much as excess skin wasn’t ideal, it was more comfortable than the 400 pounds of fat on my body, that’s for sure”- Adam